Gold Coast Amateur Ratio Association Board Minutes
DATE: July 8, 2017


ATTENDEES: Melanie, Mike Wolfe, Roy, Ricki, Joe McGee, Rick
Resource, Advisor Jeff Stahl

Social Committee. Wings Plus Dinner planned August 12 7:00 PM
: Ricki wrote that the food committee has a real challenge due to drop ins that haven’t paid the $20.00 for food. The board recommended that HOT meal times be set. Breakfast @ 9 AM Dinner @ 6 PM.
Possibly put up a board listing food prices so that “drop ins” know that they have to pay something if they eat.
Please see her list of comments for additional information.

SAFETY & Operation: Jeff Stahl wrote a detailed report on his observations regarding various items that need to be addressed. One important thing is that we should have one or two fire extinguishers available so that when refilling a hot generator one person can stand by ready to respond.
There apparently was no Site Plan produced. This should be written before field day. There was interference between 20 & 40 meters, which could be handled by utilizing Band Pass Filters.
The Board will likely vote to purchase both the fire extinguishers & 100 watt Band Pass Filters
He recommended that we use the ICS system.
All concerned should read Jeff’s detailed report.
Roy Neiman was disappointed in the way the Fox Hunt was handled. We had visitors that waited around to join in. Roy told them it would be at 4 PM. For various reasons, it didn’t begin until 4:45 or so.

Future Field Day
Develop a protocol & create a handbook or guide, so we will understand the proper way to conduct Field Day.
Would Jeff consider conducting a class?
Have computers ready to go. Coordinate before Field Day and lock it in. 

Fun Net: Pass around Net Controls. Recently, there has been no net as the usual N/C is not available. Needs Structure.

John Knox we still need a complete list of personnel having access to the 146.61 repeater room. Joe McGee & Rob Rockwell are the Emergency contacts. Also the repeater room needs to be cleaned out.

Imperial Point. We left the room messy at the last meeting. Crumbs on floor, spilled coffee. Do we need a cleanup crew? We get the room free, so we should leave it clean.

Winter Field Day:
This gives us a chance to improve our safety and site plan, as well as, antenna location, etc. Melanie & Robin are in communication securing a shelter & a date.

Submitted July 13, 2017 by Roy L. Neiman Secretary
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