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Presidentís Message for October 2017

Thank God for his goodness to Florida during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. By His Grace, we did not suffer as badly as those who weathered two hurricanes in Puerto Rico and those poor people of Mexico with the two earthquakes. Mother Nature is taking itís toll on humanity in our area but we are very lucky to have such a good infra-structure in place and public officials who worked hard for us. I was truly proud to be an American the month of September when I saw all of the out of town vehicles coming to assist us with our potential disaster relief. It gave me pause to remember all that we take for granted in our daily lives in America. May I continue to remember it for a long time to come and to continue to pray for those who have not been so fortunate.

The GCARA Board met to discuss the replacement of our repeater. It was decided that since the Digital component is being supplied by Dirk Basting with his D-Star repeater, our club should focus on the purchase of an analog repeater. We want to make use of the Voter system we found when Ricky Eaton and his crew partially cleaned out the repeater room so that we may cover more of the county for our hams and the EOC for emergencies. We are looking into pricing and a fundraiser will be started for that effort immedicately. Donations may be made to the attn. of the Treasurer, Rick Witte, or at the club meetings. I know many people are strapped with the hurricane expenses and losses but we will appreciate any amount you can spare for this purpose.

Mike Spivak is looking into pricing for us and we should be able to report back to the club after our October Board Meeting.

I want to thank those of you who stepped up to volunteer for our shelters this month. A few of the GCARA members are also members of CERT and Ares-Races and they graciously served as communicators for the shelters and the EOC. SO far, we have heard positive feedback from those volunteers. Also, I want to thank Joe McGee for striving to cover John Knox in the emergency. Unfortunately, he was unable to cover due to signal loss problems with the EOC. We will work closely with JOHN Knox for the future calls that may come. On that note, we are looking for volunteers to assist in the efforts of Joe McGee at John Knox. Please look into your hearts and minds and volunteer. John Knox allows us to keep our repeater and antennas there in return for our support during emergencies.

Thank you.

We suffered only a small mishap at John Knox with Irma. The strapping holding the antenna to the pole that put it upright, slipped, causing the antenna to lean. This may have affected reception for those of you in the West. Attempts were made to fix it immediately after the Board Meeting. Please let Rick Eaton know if there are still difficulties in that area. Thanks.

Yours truly,

Melanie Fernandez