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President’s Message November 4, 2017

The Board sends salutations to the  GCARA membership. We are beginning an exciting quarter with a lot of plans for the club. GCARA’s Board met Nov. 4, 2017 and voted on the purchase of two band pass filters (20M and 40M) for use in the Winter Field Day on Saturday, January 27, 2018. This will allow us to operate within close proximity to one another without interference. We are busy planning the event as a “dress rehearsal” for the June Field Day. Jeff Stahl will be the primary planner with the Board and his helpers giving an assist to his efforts.

We have some new ideas to try and are anxious to see if everything works well. Joe McGee is busy making phone calls to see who wants to participate and what they can bring to the Field Day. At this moment, we have an impressive start.

Your Board has also voted on and passed a motion to install a new ICOM repeater that will provide more reliable service and be useful in utilizing our old Voter System. We intend to link several repeaters across the counties to provide better  service from north Dade to North Palm Beach counties. Our present Fusion system has served us well however, it cannot take the demands we need to put  on it for better coverage and it is not as reliable as we once had hoped it would be. At the November General Meeting, we will bring the matters of the Band Pass Filters and the ICOM to a vote of the general paid up membership. Much work is being done for this effort by Ricky Eaton, the Repeater Trustee and his three helpers.

November is also Election Month. The new Board will be elected at the general meeting, again by the current  paid membership on written ballots. The final slate of officers will be presented at the meeting. We will hear a word from each candidate running after which they will leave and a general discussion of the merits of each will be discussed by the membership. Once they return and the ballots are cast, we will know who the 2018 CGARA Board will be.  Good luck to all.

We are looking for volunteers to back up the efforts of Joe McGee at John Knox Village. A memo of understanding between GCARA and JKV is being drawn up and we need to meet that commitment. JKV is vital to hosting our repeaters and has done so faithfully for many years. It is time we also step up to provide the hurricane coverage we promised as a club in exchange for that service. Hopefully, this new team will coordinate duties in times of disaster and weather anomalies and will be better able to serve John Knox Village than in the past.

We are also planning for the next quarterly Dinner Out at Wing’s Plus in mid February. Jeff Stahl will speak on the events of Winter Field Day and a general discussion will be held after dinner. Listen for the date on the Traffic Net.

I want to take a moment to thank each of the people on the present Board and those advisors (Mike Spivak, Jeff Stahl, Dave Crane, Kenny Hollenback, Mickey Galper to name a very few) who have been working behind the scenes to keep this club running efficiently and to ensure that all of GCARA has the FUN it wants to have while practicing our hobby. FUN, as we have learned, takes coordinated planning, mutual cooperation, and commitment to excellence that each member who shares that responsibility provides. I think that the respect shown each member of the Board and the advisors has been superior and  is the foundation of their success. Thanks to the General Membership for all of the encouragement and support.

Until my next letter, I am praying that God will continue to bless us all in every conceivable way.

Melanie Fernandez