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GCARA Board Meeting Minutes 10-25-2020


The Board meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm by GCARA president, Melanie Fernandez, KJ4VCT by Zoom format.

The remaining Executive Board was present with the exception of Mike Wolf, K2HXC. Guest resource persons invited who were present were:

John Cole N1QFM, Barry Porter KB1PA, and Carol Sjursen KJ4AWB.

Not present, Charlie Artner, KN4VDW.


  • Memorial Bricks were purchased from the ARRL for $250.00 each in the names of Donald B. Search, W3AZD, Hope Smith, WB3ANE, Roy Neiman KJ4EGN, and Chuck Gress K3NXH. Monies were sent to Barry Porter, KB1PA, ARRL Section Manager, who will forward it to the appropriate individuals at the ARRL. The club will send award letters to the widows. The ARRL letter of confirmation of each brick with photo will be sent to the widows and Chuck’s sister per Barry Porter KB1PA. Don and Hope’s bricks will be placed side by side. The remainder of the funds ($83.00) in the Don Search W3AZD Memorial Fund will be sent to his widow, Hope Smith, WB3ANE by mail.

  • The rest of the donations in the Memorial fund of Roy Neiman KJ4EGN, $355.00, as well as the $175.00 donation made by Chuck Gress’ widow and sister, will be retained for use on the HF station equipment, as designated by Vicki Neiman, Barbara Tunteich, and Mary Ann Gress, relatives of the deceased being honored.

  • Special recognition will given to Jesse Shannon, KJ4FKK, and Dirk Basting, N4AN, for their most generous contributions to the memorial funds.

  • Treasurer, Erik Olmer, W4EJO, introduced the payment of the Certificate Of Insurance, $180.40 into business for approval. The Board approved the payment which will be effective on all our equipment until October 2021.

  • Subsequent conversation ensued about the up to date inventory of all equipment insured. Ricky Eaton, KD4HGR, will work on updating the list of all club possessions along with serial numbers.


  • John Cole N1QFM, our current webmaster, requested that all the Executive Board be trained in Word Press so the publishing of the website can continue forward.

  • Ricky Eaton, KD4HGR, repeater trustee gave his report as follows:

  • No problems noted with the 61 repeater. Cat Controller in operation and working. Crossbanding on hold for now.

  • Boca site (82) will be visited by Jeff Stahl, K4BH, John Cole N1QFM, Ricky Eaton KD4HGR and Eric Rodriguez KF4LZA on either November 6th or November 13th, now that contact has been established with new owners of hospital (current 82 repeater site). Boca Raton ARA has some equipment of theirs that will be removed while Ricky and Eric will do much needed maintenance on our equipment. NOAA Weather radio will be removed from 82 and installed on the 61 site.

  • Ricky Eaton has purchased and received the new router for the HF station and he and Mike Sams will meet with Joe McGee Oct. 31 at Joe’s house and install it. Hopefully, this will work and allow Joe to gain control of his own computer and internet service.

  • Jesse Shannon has donated his Titan antenna for use on the remote HF station. Joe McGee and Ricky Eaton will collect on the first day of good weather that all three people are available.

  • Joe McGee noted problems on the HF station and has worked on some solutions to correct them. He will work on an “Interrupt Protocol” for operators using the station and make a Zoom presentation with Erik Olmer to share with members on the use of the Remote HF station.

  • A motion was made and passed to purchase a UPS and an Amplifier for the Remote HF station as money and time allow. We currently have $530.00 towards that project and we will initiate inviting more contributions for same, as well as collecting our dues at the November Meeting.

  • Discussion was held on the Winter Field Day for January 30th and 31st, 2021. Joe McGee will check with Dan Vasilca regarding his participation in coordinating the logging and the various details of the Field Day which will be done either on the HF station or in the ham’s personal shacks.

  • It was decided that our next Board Meeting will be November 8th, 2020 at 12:30 PM and any issue tabled or pending will be discussed then.

  • PayPal was discussed and a motion was passed to transition to that for the 2021 year to make the payment of dues more convenient for our members and Treasurer. Erik Olmer and John Cole to bring specifics to the November 8th Board Meeting.

  • The 501C(3) status is still pending and Melanie will check with Ricki Witte, our previous Treasurer, to ascertain what still needs to be done. Will report on Nov. 8th meeting.

  • Post office was discussed and the expense vs. value. It was decided to retain the PO box for now as it is needed as a mailing address for our club.

  • Mike Wolf was not present to report on the progress of Speaker Certificates.


Respectfully submitted by Melanie Fernandez, President GCARA

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