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Materials are available through the following links:

Formal ham radio licensing classes are offered as demand warrants by various groups in the county, but there is no current, or ongoing program of classes.

The ARRL Ham Radio License Course – EC-010

The Amateur Radio Service offers a unique mix of technology, public service, convenience and fun. Some hams enjoy communicating across the country and around the globe, making new friends over the airwaves. Others like to build and experiment with electronics, experiencing cutting edge technologies. Some use their radios and skills during emergencies or disasters when all else fails.

The goal of this course is to prepare students to take, and pass, the entry-level Amateur Radio license. This course includes the American Radio Relay League publication "Ham Radio License Manual," one year ARRL membership including QST. An online graduate support group is also included with course registration.


Desire to obtain an Amateur Radio License. Basic computer, Internet, and email navigational skills are required.


Classes for this course begin every month. Click on the Register link (below) to see the schedule for upcoming classes.

Additional Info:

This course includes the ARRL publication Ham Radio License Manual.

This book, one year ARRL membership, and graduate support are provided with course registration.

Equipment Needed:

Optional Reference Material:
  • ARRL’s Tech Q & A
  • Ham University  on CD-ROM
  • The ARRL FCC Rule Book
  • The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs
  • Understanding Basic Electronics
  • The ARRL Antenna Book
  • The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications

Fees (includes book, 1-year membership & graduate support) $69.00


The Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association, the Palmetto Amateur Radio Club of Broward County and the Broward Amateur Radio Club all conduct regular testing sessions. Details are available on their web sites. All three clubs offer free membership for the balance of the year during which a new ham passes his or her first test.

Revised  January 2008

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