Welcome to the Gold Coast Radio Club
Pompano Beach Florida
Last updated  December 2, 2014
All are welcome to join us at our monthly meetings held the 4th Tuesday of every month, except December, at 7:30 PM in the auditorium of the Imperial Point Hospital. Amateur license testing at 6:00 PM preceeding each meeting.. REMEMBER, there is no longer a requirement for Morse Code so now is a great time to upgrade your license or to join the growing ranks of Amateur Radio operators. "Be a HAM"


          Welcome to the Gold Coast
          Amateur Radio Association

The GCARA is one of the oldest ham radio
clubs in South Florida with a growing
membership of about 251 licensed operators.
The club was founded in 1969 by its first
trustee, Charles D. Ritchie, (Chuck) (W4BUG)
SK, back when amateur radio, VHF, UHF, and
HF repeaters were a technical challenge.
Keep in mind that the amateur radio operator
is often the unseen hero during emergencies
when other means fail to operate. In this high
technology information age, there is still a
need for the dedicated amateur, and our club
stands ready to provide any public service
communications should it be called upon to do


We have been fortunate to receive a few
donations but, they will not last forever. If you
are in arrears, please pay your dues and
remain in good standing with the club.
         Meeting Attendance 2014
                        January 55
                        February 55
                          March 45
                           April 48
                           May 46
                           June 38
                            July 49
                         August 37
                       September 42
                         October 37 
                        November 42
               Program Update

This month was dedicated to electing the
officers for 2015, REMEMBER! THERE
You are always welcome to join us for
dinner in the hospital cafeteria around 5:15
PM before each meeting.

Printed Circuit Newsletter

We email the Printed Circuit Newsletter to
our club members monthly. Want to get
on the list? Click here. It provides timely
and  pertinent information on amateur
radio, our club, and our repeaters to keep
everyone up to date. We are also selling
ad space for those businesses that would
like to take advantage of an inexpensive
means to reach our audience.

Club repeaters: are available for
use by all licensed amateurs. For
more information about our
Click here.
Our goals for 2015
       Saturday morning breakfast

All are welcome to join us each Saturday morning at 7:30 am for breakfast and gab session at JJ's Diner on 31st Avenue just south of Cyrpess Creek on the West side.

Don't forget to visit our


These are the folks that support our
club. Make sure we, in turn,  support
Thinking about becoming a "Ham"?
Look at what some school systems are
presenting in their classrooms. Get an
idea of what is being done to expand the
hobby and extend the pleasure of ham
radio around the country. Check out
more on the Links page.

                     Click Here
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We are now
on Facebook
If you haven't yet, renewed this
years membership  or, if you would
like to join our club, just click on the
link below. You will then download
a membership application,in PDF
format, that you can print, fill out,
and mail with your check, to the
address printed at the top of the
           Membership Application.
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Testing   6:00 - 7:00
Meeting  7:30 - 8:30
Walk-ins are welcome
No one accepted after 6:15 pm
Please bring a pencil, copy of your
license, and the $15.00 fee
More info
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