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Yes, ham radio, also known as amateur radio, is still a popular hobby around the world. There are over 750,000 licensed hams in the United States and over 3 million around the world. Here are some of the reasons why ham radio is still relevant: If you are interested in getting started with ham radio, […]

CQ, CQ, CQ Call all GCARA hams to breakfast at JJ’s Café.  This past Saturday, it was my pleasure to meet with one of the longest meeting breakfast  ham groups that I AM AWARE of in South Florida. GCARA hams have eaten there since 1994 at its convenient location :  6051 NW 31 AVE in Ft. […]

David S. Pomerantz Amateur Radio License Call Sign: KO4DKN Boynton Beach, Florida 33437-4073 Today while I was at Ham Radio Outlet in Winter Springs, FL I was debating about getting a second antenna. This  one would be for my Kenwood D710G mobile. I already have both a Comet CA-2x4SRNMO antenna and a Comet  SBB-7NMO antenna […]

First let me say a little about myself. I am a US Army Veteran and my job was a Field Radio repairman from 1980-1984 active duty so I have quite a bit of knowledge. But I don’t know everything and still learning to this day and second I want to say thank you to Radioddity […]

Out of respect for AL and Anna Jean Karden’s service to GCARA, I would like to invite you to make a donation for a Brick at ARRL for Anna Jean Karden N4KAJ. This can be done at the Parrot website, and make a donation. Donations will automatically stop once the funds goal has been […]

S.3690, also known as the Amateur Radio Emergency Preparedness Act, is a bill introduced in the United States Senate on January 30, 2024. It aims to prohibit certain private land use restrictions that hinder the installation and operation of amateur radio antennas. Here’s a breakdown of the key points: Purpose: To allow amateur radio operators […]

Winter Field Day (WFD) is a significant event in the amateur radio community, designed to promote emergency communications preparedness and foster camaraderie among amateur radio operators. Here’s a brief overview of Winter Field Day in the context of the amateur radio community: In summary, Winter Field Day is an annual event that promotes emergency communications […]

Amateur Radio Winter Field Day (WFD) is a 24-hour, wintertime communications exercise held on the last full weekend of January each year. It’s a fun and challenging event for amateur radio operators of all levels to test their skills in setting up and operating a temporary radio station under winter conditions. Here are some key […]

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