Egg Hunts/Fox Hunt every hour 10AM – 5PM
Vista View Park – Shelter 1

“The Only Egg Hunt In America With Kids, K9’s and Radio Direction Finding”

Bring the kids for a FREE* event guaranteed to be fun and educational

Egg hunt = something people immediately recognize and kids might be interested in. The fact that we mix a fox hunt into it as a radio club is what makes our egg hunt unique.

Fox hunt = an activity unique to amateur radio where people use radio equipment to locate a hidden transmitter. Radio location goes well beyond amateur radio, but hams do “fox hunts” for fun. Fox Hunts are sometimes part of Civil Air Patrol looking for transponders on downed aircraft. A fox hunt is part of our egg hunt event.

Seeking volunteers (hams) to provide fox hunting equipment, and to participate as fox hunters for teams that participate in hunts.
Contact GCARA President Erik Olmer, president@W4BUG.ORG to sign up or for more details

We are planning: Picnic – Show and Tell – NET Control review – Fox Hunt

RSVP for EGG Hunt teams


Park info: Phone: 954.357.8898 Email:

At 65 feet above sea level, this park’s hilltop is the highest manmade elevation in Broward County, popular with competitive bicyclists, paragliders, and horseback riders, not to mention picnickers and, every Fourth of July, people looking to see fireworks.

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