8:34 President, Melanie Fernandez J4VCT Opened the meeting
Melanie Fernandez, Mike Wolfe, Ricki Witte, Roy Neiman, Jeff Stahl (New Director at Large)
Jeff Ronner, (New PIO) Resource agent: Joe McGee (Club Attendance & Field Day Chair.)
Melanie suggested that we acquire the phone numbers, Emails & addresses of persons that are tested at the meetings. We need to stay in contact with them to keep them in the Club. Jeff Stahl can send Radiograms to invite them to the meetings & such. She also suggested that we do a survey at the meeting & online to discover the members interests & encourage input.

Winter Field Day is January 26th & is chaired by Joe McGee. Food will cost $10.00. Setup
starts at 8:00 AM Shutdown at about 4-5 PM. We will use FPL power this time. Jeff Stahl is
loaning his Router & other equipment. Jeff Ronner is to advertise & to invite Sheriff’s, Police, Mayors & other dignitaries to our Field Day.

The annual picnic The will be held at Vista View Park on April 13th more details in the future.

Mike: Speaker for 1/22/19 meeting will be Jeff Ronner, W4AEQ. He will present technical
information on DMR. *The February speaker is to be advised. March will be Kai Siwiak

Mike is still working on the Facebook Page. He needs some authorization from Joey Jet.

Jeff Stahl & Joe McGee: Will reserve the room at Wings Plus scheduled on March 23. Note:
There is no guarantee that we’ll have the room to ourselves. Jeff Stahl & Joe McGee will give a
report on the Winter Field Day. Also, they will schedule for July 13th or 20th.

Ricky: Was ill but sent a letter regarding the Repeaters. The 146.61 is fine, the 146.82 is OK,
however, Ricky & Eric will install an amplifier soon. The DMR system is working but
additional tweaking is necessary. A 6 meter Repeater is in the future.

Dirk’s systems are functioning but still work in progress.

Website: Joe Ruby wants to be replaced as Webmaster. Both Jeff’s recommended John Cole
from the Boca Club. Jeff Ronner will ask John if he will take it over.

General: Give Robin N4HHP Two $25.00 gift cards for TooJays. Also Joe McGee is to contact
Robin re installing an antenna on Imperial Point. Keep Jeff & Carol in the loop.
Jeff Stahl is attempting to stir up interest in starting a Ham Club at a College. He’s willing to
conduct a training class for Technicians

The meeting was adjourned at 9:33 AM EST by President, Melanie Fernandez, KJ4VCT.

Respectfully submitted by Roy Neiman KJ4EGN, Secretary.

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