1)  Call to Order

Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT)called to order the Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association’s Board meeting at 14:48 EDT (18:48 UTC) on October 10, 2021, on ZOOM. A quorum was present with six board members.

2)  Old Business

a)    Next Club Dinner

Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT) suggested the next Club Dinner for December 5, 2021, at 7:00 pm. Charlie Artner (KN4VDW) will provide a form on our website for people to RSVP. Joe McGee (NX4T) moved to accept December 5, 2021; Charlie Artner (KN4VDW) second. Motion moved unanimously.

b)   Status of EchoLink – Ricky Eaton (KD4HGR)

Ricky Eaton (KD4HGR) reported that due to the issues with the .610 repeater, he could not make any progress with EchoLink.

c)    Status of WinLink Charlie Artner (KN4VDW)

Charlie Artner (KN4VDW) reported that the HD on the laptop for WinLink is still not working, and he will have to replace the HD.

d)   Winter Field Day Plans

Joe McGee (NX4T) is asking for the signs for Winter Field Day. Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT) informed the Board that they are with Jerry Deitch (W4LST)

Carol Sjursen (KJ4AWB) sent the Letter of Intent last Wednesday or Thursday to Broward County Emergency Management. Once we hear back from them, we will know if the Winter Field Day is a go or not.

Charlie Artner (KN4VDW) will put up a form on the website on or around November 10, 2021, for people to RSVP if they are participating. The Field Day will be held for two days again. We will not need a van for this time, because we will have the Pavilion this year.

e)    Nominating Committee

Jerry Deitch (W4LST) declined. Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT) asked Barry Porter (), and he agreed to be the chair of the Nominating Committee

f)     Post office issue

Charlie Artner (KN4VDW) will get information from a UPS Mail Box service in Margate.

3)  Communication issues

We, as a board, have issues responding to emails in a timely fashion. To resolve the communication problem, the Board suggests adding “GCARA” at the beginning of the subject line of each email related to the club.

4)  Board members field trip to repeater room

Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT) tried to call Kirsten (JKV) to see if they have a problem if we go up there as a group to see the repeater room. Ricky Eaton (KD4HGR) thinks this is a great idea to bring all board members on the same page regarding the repeater room.

5)  Trustee Report – Ricky Eaton (KD4HGR)

a)    Noise on .610

The noise is still an issue on the .610 repeater. Ricky Eaton (KD4HGR) reported that the PL Tone is back on and active. Charlie Artner (KN4VDW) did a quick test and confirmed that the PL Tone is not turned on. We think the noise is generated within the system.

b)   A/C for repeater room

Jerry Deitch (W4LST) donated an A/C for the repeater room, but Ricky Eaton (KD4HGR) has not heard back from JKN maintenance if we can install the A/C.

c)    UPS

We do not know if the defect UPS has been replaced yet.

6)  Tribute for Mike’s Electronics

Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT) would like to get a beer mug for Mike Spivak for his years of service to the HAM community. Charlie Artner (KN4VDW) suggested printing a more personal message on the mug, and Jeff Stahl (K4BH) will come up with some words.

7)  BARC

According to Marty Falk (KI4IQZ), Al Soto is trying to revitalize the BARC. GCARA will close further discussions for now.

8)  Speaker request for October meeting

We do not have a speaker for October. Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT) asked all Board members to help find a speaker for October.

9)  Adjournment

Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT) adjourned the meeting at 15:57 EDT (19:57 UTC).

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