Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association Board Meeting Minutes

President, Erik Olmer W4EJO

Secretary, Ben Echavarria N7BBE

President Report, Erik Olmer W4EJO

▪ “Donate to GCARA” QR code hung around pavilion
▪ Networks to advertise to kids
▪ Need “teams” to register
▪ Egg hunt teams will include kids, adult guardian(s) and at least one ham to help with fox hunting and to try to answer questions about amateur radio located inside the eggs (bonus points).
▪ Tom added a K9 team to the hunt!
“The only egg hunt in Broward County to have kids, K9s and radio finding equipment.”

o April 15 + 16 – MS Bike Ride
▪ Need to solicit volunteers, webpage already has functionality
o June 24 + 25 – Summer Field Day
▪ W4EJO is EC
▪ Jeff Stahl is Technical Advisor
▪ Ben, N7BBE is Safety Officer “one more time” so we need a deputy

o July 18 10:30AM – Library Presentation

Vice President, Ricki Witte KJ4FSJ

Interim Treasurer, Erik Olmer W4EJO

Member at Large, Melanie Fernandez KJ4VCT

PIO, Tom Savoca K9TJS

Old Business:

New Business:

o Tom / Ben will finalize details of order

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