Meeting called to Order at 8:15 am at JJ’s Café on Saturday morning, May 4, 2019 by Melanie Fernandez.

Members present were Melanie Fernandez, Ricki Witte, Ricky Eaton,Jeff Stahl, Joe McGee, Eric Rodriguez, Kenny Hollenback, and Eric Olmer.

Absent Board Members were Roy Neiman and Mike Wolf.

Invited Resource personnel not available today were Dave Crane and Dan Vasilca.


After pros and cons were discussed the Board voted to purchase a new Telewave antenna over any of the other possible choices discussed. Having been discussed both prior to the meeting over several weeks as we tried to find a replacement for our old improper antenna, the Board felt that the purchase of the new antenna was both prudent and reasonable. Pricing of $1300.00 to be negotiated down by Eric Rodriguez and funds will come from the sale of D-Star equipment donated to club by Dirk Basting and sold by Ricky Eaton for $1000.00 plus some other money donated to the club.

Ricky Eaton will purchase a voter system he found on Ebay for $300. It will be used to replace our old voter system to hopefully link the Briarwood alternate site set up so western service (Coral Springs, Parkland) will be increased. Old site intact but not presently depended on. Ricky Easton to contact the Board of Briarwood on university and Sample and get permission to go to the roof to work on the equipment. He will report back to the board after he has done so.

Webpage availability of member names and call signs were considered public information and could be reasonable published by us. An affirmative statement will be added to the membership form giving us permission to make to roster public on the website.

Melanie will publish a statement not to reply to the email box given on MailChimp as it is an unmonitored mailbox.

All emails sent to the Website to the general mailbox will be handled by Erik Olmer, the ARRL PIO for the club.


RIcki Wittee presented the new ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION that update and will replace the old Articles as soon as presented to the general membership and vote taken for or against. In a previous meeting with Ricki Witte and Melanie Fernandez, Dave Crane, agreed to be our registered agent for the club Articles.

Ricki has applied for the tax exempt status for Non Profit 501(C)(3). Rough proposals for Field Day presented. Committee consisting of Dan Vasilca, Joe McGee, Jeff Stahl and Ricky Eaton to meet and prepare for the N1MM computers to be used at Field Day on June 9, 2019.Ricky Eaton to work on the USB problem which prevented him last year from reporting Digital contacts. We will be a 3A group with 5 working radios this year operating on low power to closely mimic the circumstances during a hurricane as much as possible with emergency power. Batteries, generator and solar power to be used. Publicity to be handled by Mike Wolf who will contact Channels 4,6,7,and 10 as well as the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel. Joe McGee to send press release to the Pelican. ARRL PIO Erik Olmer to establish community contacts with mayors and local and county PD to invite to FD. He will also investigate the internet Agencies and get the proclamations. Carol Sjursen will be the source of contacts. Melanie and RIcki to handle the Food Committee again. Will appeal to the membership for relief cooks and help with serving when they are not present. Discussion to be held later. Kenny Hollenback will provide gas grill and gas. Last item discussed was the HY GAIN Beam donated to the club several years ago and stored in Jeff Stahl’s garage.

Member Mickey Galper would like to purchase the $500.00 antenna and the Board discounted it at $300. Jeff can accept offer of $250.00 which will be donated to the club Treasury.

NEXT BOARD MEETING TO BE HELD ON JUNE 15, 2019 (the week before Field Day).

Motion to adjourn by Joe McGee at 10.00a.m.

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