Meeting Date: November 24, 2020
Minutes Submitted by Charlie Artner (KN4VDW)
Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association

Meeting Minutes
I. Call to order (19:00hrs)
Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT) called to order the regular meeting of the Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association, Inc at 19:00 EDT (23:00UTC) on November 24, 2020 on ZOOM. A quorum was present with 18 members.

II. Moment of Silence
We started the meeting with a moment of silence for GCARA members who became a SK this year and for all other SKs in the Amateur Radio World. This year following members became a SK:

Donald B Search W3AZD/SK
Charles Gress K3NXH/SK
Roy L Neiman KJ4EGN/SK

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
The Minutes from October 27, 2020 have been approved. Motion was made by Jeff Stahl (K4BH) / 2nd by Joe McGee (NX4T)

IV. Treasurer’s Report
Erik Olmer (W4EJO), Treasurer, reported on the income and expenses ending October 27, 2020. Treasurer’s Report was filed for audit.

V. Membership:
Joe McGee (NX4T) reported 63 paid members for 2020. 57 of our members are also ARRL members. 3 members have already paid for 2021 and 1 member paid through 2022 Total Membership including Life Members is 84.

VI. Testing Report
Jeff Stahl (K4BH) reported on testing activities. Online class is 2/3 through. Test will be in Miramar.

VII. Web Report
John Cole (N1QFH) is working on online payment option. Possible completion by the end of November.

VIII. Remote Station
Joe McGee (NX4T) reported that the tuner is now inline and ready to be used. Meeting Date: November 24, 2020 Minutes Submitted by Charlie Artner (KN4VDW)

IX. Winter Field Day
Winter Field Day will be held in the same manner as the Summer Field Day. Individual participants competing on behalf of the club. During the last Sumer Field Day the Club finished in the upper 20 percentile with a total of 6 participants.

X. Repeater Report
Ricky Eaton (KD4HDR) reported all servers are up and running

XI. Melanie read the following from the Agenda
The current 2020 Board will meet again, Sunday, December 13 th , at 12 Noon check in, 12:30 PM Meeting on Zoom format to finalize all of the plans being put in place for the 2021 Executive Board. We have had a very productive year and the Board business could not be concluded at our Nov. 22, 2020 meeting. Invitations will be sent to the new Board Members and Resource Persons needed for Reference according to their special skill sets. No guest will be allowed to interrupt the meeting, but by hand raising, will be recognized for their time to comment. The Executive Board will continue to work hard for its members, and even though a volunteer entity, will meet during the normal vacation time for the GCARA members. We are all looking forward to an even greater year in 2021!!!

XII. Board Nominations
Al Flapan (AF4FA) presented the proposed board members for 2021. The full slate was accepted by acclimation. All Yeah / Zero Nay

XIII. Auction
Dirk Basting (N4AN) auctioned off an ICOM ID51A HT Bit started at $100 but no buyer for the item.

XIV. Presentation
Jesse Shannon (KJ4FKK) was the first to give a presentation on himself in our series MEET THE

XV. Adjournment
Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT) adjourned the meeting at 20:06 EDT (00:06 UTC).

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