Call to Order:   7:40 PM

President Melanie Fernandez, KJ4VCT, called the meeting to order and lead the members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

Roll call of the entire membership present was given. Absent was Roy Neiman, KJ4EGN (vacation). Tardy was Mike Wolf, K2HXC.

Thirty-three (33) people were in attendance.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting on April 23, 2019 were approved as they appeared on the website.

Treasurer’s Report:

Ricki Witte, KJ4FSJ, told all in attendance that our treasury has some significant cash outlay for the Post Office box and for a new voter for our repeaters totaling $483.00 and leaving a balance after our deposit of $298.00 from the previous meeting of $3,824.47.

Membership Report:

There is a paid membership of 76 people so far this year. About half are ARRL members. Twenty-five % of the members have not brought their dues current yet. Notices will go out shortly.

Testing Report:

Three people took the test and   2 passed with technician licenses.

Repeater Report:

Ricky Eaton, KD4HGR, TRUSTEE, gave us the updated report for the repeater projects being worked on. The Boca site will be serviced in the upcoming months. The new  .61 antenna is expected to be in and installed by next month. The antenna was bought by funds generated from a sale of equipment that was donated to the club by patron and member Dirk Basting, N4AN, from his site. Plans are being made to get a 6 meter antenna to go with the 6 meter repeater that was donated to the club by Eric Rodriguez, KF4LZA, of our repeater team.                        

Webmaster Report:

John Cole, N1QFH, had no website information for us but invited us to join the Boca Club in the NBEAMS Net. Contact John or Jeff Stahl, K4BH, for further information.

Call for Old Business:

Mike Wolf, K2HXC did not have the shirts yet as the provider did not have all of them ready yet. He will pick up and bring to Field Day for members who ordered them (3).

Call for New Business:   Annnouncements:

Plans for Field Day are coming along nicely and there are a few surprises planned for the Saturday we begin our practice drill. Elmo from Sesame Street is supposed to attend as well as Coco the K-9 and we expect a visit from the Emergency Management Team at the EOC. They are scheduled to share some lunch with us and bring their command vehicle. A request was made for everyone to bring kids, families and friends to our field day.

Joe McGee, NX4t, made a brief statement about the FD plans and enlisted the help of a few volunteers for various tasks.

We counted about 15 interested parties planning to go and took quite a few advance registrations for the Food with payment. Melanie Fernandez and Ricki Witte are chairing the Food committee with the help of Ralph and Sherry Tullo and will be planning for at least 50 people to eat.

50/50 Raffle:              

The raffle was won by Dan Vasilca AI4WW and he returned the money to the Treasury ($42.00).


The main speaker, Dan Vasilca gave an interesting talk on the NiMM program, a computer program used in contesting on the amateur radio bands. He has written many macros for CW and contesting and the program is very helpful for use in doing so. He demonstrated by live demo how it is done and explained it to the group. It generated a lot of interest which no doubt will be carried over to FD. Jeff Stahl, Ricky Eaton and Joe McGee did make additional comments about everything and a good question and answer session followed.

The speakers were thanked and the meeting was adjourned at 9:40PM.

-Respectfully submitted by President Melanie Fernandez, KJ4VCT, in Secretary Roy Neiman’s absence.

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