Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association General Meeting Minutes

1) Call to Order

Erik Olmer (W4EJO) called to order on ZOOM the Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association’s regular meeting at 7:30 pm on May 23, 2023 A quorum was present with 17 members (see Appendix A).

2) Secretary’s Report – Ben Echavarria (N7BBE)

Ben Echavarria (N7BBE) motioned to approve the minutes from April Attendance was taken for officers, members and guests

3) President Report

4) Vice President – Ricki Witte (KJ4FSJ)

5) Treasurer – Dirk Basting (N4AN)

6) Repeater Report – Ricky Eaton (KD4HGR)

7) Member at Large – Melanie Fernandez (KJ4VCT)

8) PIO Report – Tom Savoca (K94TJS)

9) Old Business

10) New Business:

11) Announcements:

Field day objectives established:

  1. “Get Hope on the Air” again
  2. Have Fun – K4BH rule
  3. Notify IC of contact with HI immediately – The Aloha rule
  4. Setup Class 3A station for:
    a. CW
    b. Digital
    c. SSB (club station, experienced/active operators)
    d. GOTA (inactive/inexperienced/non hams) 5 points per QSO
    Regardless of mode
  5. Make as many contacts as possible on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and all Bands 50 MHz and above using all modes
  6. Develop skills to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness
    a. Educational Activity/club project to tune SSB and GOTA station Antennas Field Day morning
  7. Acquaint the general public with the capabilities of amateur radio
    a. Promote event with club’s Facebook, instagram and webpage
    b. Provide food for members and guests
    c. Youth QSO points available, operators 18 or younger who make
    One contact qualify for this bonus point, 100 points maximum available
    d. Obtain all bonus points for site visitation by
    I. Served Agency
    II. Elected Official
  8. VHF (solar power bonus with 5 QSO)
  9. Satellite (1 QSO)
  10. Copy W1AW bulletin

2023 Field Day Staff:

Also needed:

12) Adjournment

Program – Speaker Bob Heil (K9EID)

APPENDIX –A- Board Members
Erik Olmer – President, Ricki Witte- Vice President, Ben Echavarria- Secretary, Tom Savoca- PIO
Dirk Basting- Treasurer, Melanie Fernandez- Member at Large, Ricky Eaton – Repeater Trustee



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