Field Day Update
2023 Winter Field Day Update

The GCARA continues its planning for Winter Field Day on 1/28 and 1/29 at Quiet Water’s Park, Bald Eagle Pavilion.

If you have questions or would like to hear more about the details, tune into the Broward County Emergency Preparedness Net tonight (Thursday) at 7PM, 146.610 PL 110.9 -.6 offset. Checkins do count for that net, and I’d love to hear from you.

We are excited to announce a “Show and Tell” area designated for club members and guests to have a fun, productive interactive experience. This area will be for club members to bring equipment you’d like to show off, testing equipment, presentations, swap / sale items etc. Please email if you have ideas for how you would like to use this area so we can plan accordingly.

The only rules that apply to this area are;

  1. Antennas need to fit into a 25’ square
  2. HF transmissions need to be coordinated with the 3 stations that will be running during the event so we don’t interfere with them

If you would like to help with any of the logistics transporting equipment to and from the sight, setup, breakdown or food prep, please email me at so we can get you onto the roster and plan accordingly.

Thanks to the Palmetto Amateur Radio Association, Broward ARES / RACES and the SEFTN for their efforts supporting and helping execute this event.

Looking forward to a great Winter Field Day, 73,

Erik Olmer, W4EJO
Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association
Email –
Call / text – (754) 444-1187

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