As members of GCARA, we cannot forget those contributions of older members. They achieved holding the club intact by those contributions. Such is the case for Mr. Joe Ruby KJ4OW.

He was our very first webmaster and he donated his services and his own money to fund it out of his own pocket. In those days, funds were low and it was a hardship to repair the repeaters or get new equipment. Joe saw to it that funds could be offloaded from our club account by his generous contributions.

He also was the cheerful “chef” at all of our functions and having done that job myself, I can tell you it is no small undertaking. Whenever there was a job to be done, he never minded volunteering. He was part of the technical team and he certainly will be remembered for his ability to cajole members into paying their dues on time as membership committee chairman.

It is with that generosity of spirit that I remember Joe Ruby KJ4OW, SK.

-Melanie Fernandez KJ4VCT

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