It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of the nicest hams I know, Anna-Jean Karden N4KAJ. Anna was born in Detroit, MI April 17, 1948 and married Allan Karden N4ALK September 12, 1971, 52 years and one day before her death on September 13, 2023.

A proud graduate of Wayne State University in 1970, Anna and Allan lived in the Detroit area until June of 1976.

Anna was a loving mother of two children, Belle and Jacob, and doting grandmother to three grandchildren Bradley, Brooke And Sofia. Always the perfect, sensitive, and diligent hostess at all of the JEWISH HOLIDAYS, she would call the Rabbi to make sure she was spelling the names of her guests correctly. She never failed to include newcomers to the neighborhood or people with no one else to celebrate with. This Rosh Hashanah, the empty chair will be for this woman of valor, in tribute and in honor of her life.

Anna-Jean became a ham in November 2019 as KN4UXM and a year later passed her General and changed her call sign to N4KAJ. Even as she lived with her multiple medical problems, she was studying for the Extra exam. Both Anna-Jean and Allan Karden supported our club faithfully for many years. Those of us who got to know Anna appreciated the person she was and knows that she will be certainly missed by us, her family and her friends.

In life, Anna was the perfect mitzvah for others, loving, sharing and caring for all. The world may have lost a wonderful woman, but her light will shine in the memory of those she so faithfully served.

Melanie Fernandez

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