CQ, CQ, CQ Calling all hams……………

I picked up my QST magazine last month and was surprised to find a very interesting article on one of our members, Dirk Basting PhD N4AN. It was a well written snippet of his accomplishments in the world of science and his amateur radio hobby. I’ll bet many of you did not know we had such an impressive mind in our midst! Dirk serves on the Executive Board as our Treasurer this year and I am pleased he answered the call to serve us in this capacity.

That article gave me thought about how well the ARRL serves the ham community. It sets standards for excellence, provides interesting articles to read about fellow hams, great technology articles and keeps abreast of legal issues for our hobby’s welfare. We are well informed as an ARRL member and well represented in the legislative branch of the government.

It makes sense to support this organization by buying a membership in the organization and supporting the contests, special programs and our ever-popular Field Days. We are so lucky to have an organization which helps us In the Free World as they do. Our club is a proud supporter of the ARRL and will hopefully achieve our goal of making our membership almost 100% members in the future. To be an ARRL affiliated club, you must maintain 51% membership in the ARRL and embody the virtues of positive radio practice. It is a no-brainer to give back to those people who support our wonderful hobby, don’t you think?

Do you have old copies of QST laying around the house collecting dust? Try to lend or give them to other new hams that you are aware of and help open their eyes to this wonderful organization. You may be supplying the next creative mind with the information needed to do something noteworthy in this world. I have never not learned from reading their articles or their interviews about people in the hobby and I am sure that you can glean helpful information even from the advertisers of the magazine. It is a bargain at $45.00 a year for a subscription and even if it costs more, it pays back in dividends you cannot imagine for yourself, your fellow hobbyists, and the nation. Keep free communications on the air and support the organization dedicated to supporting our hobby. Thank you.

Submitted by Melanie Fernandez KJ4VCT

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