Melanie Fernandez

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Spring this month! This is personally my favorite time of year. The birds are down from the north nesting and getting fat for the trip back up North later. The flowers are bursting forth in colors and scents that are a delight to all of our senses. Life in Florida is presenting weather at its best and we see the true paradise that is called Florida. We are so lucky to be hams and live here.

Speaking of our hams, I would like to introduce a few to you. Welcome Henry Garcia KC2DEX. I met Henry at the Winter Field Day and he has followed us for some time and decided to join us. Henry’s greatest interests as a General is in DMR, DSTAR and VHF/UHF and other digital modes
along with FT8 and Digital HF and DX. Anyone who shares his interests would have a good conversation with Henry at our club functions.

Next, welcome to Adam Hilmers, KO4BVD, a new Technician who joined us on Winter Field Day. Adam likes contesting and Sat Comm as well as Portable Go-Kit Building and usage. He is looking forward to learning from our club members as soon as his family time permits. A good match for Adam would be Mike Samokieszyn (Sams) KF4ZW, who actually builds “go-kits” and is very technically inclined and computer savvy.

Welcome also to Elliot Spiro, N2HYD, an EXTRA from NY. His interests lie in DMR, DSTAR, Digital VHF/UHF modes as well as DX. I would say that Elliot and Henry need to get together with our Repeater trustee, Ricky Eaton, KD4HGR for some first hand knowledge of their interests.

We would also like to welcome new member MJ Duff KG4SLH, an EXTRA who enjoys and is interested in ARES/RACES. We will get her involved with Carol Sjursen KJ4AWB and Jeff Stahl K4BH who work with the Broward Emergency Management for ARES/RACES in Broward. She is sure to enjoy her experiences with them as an emergency communicator.

As far as Health and Welfare goes, we have a few hams tending to medical problems. If you know of anyone who needs prayers or attention, please notify the Sunshine Committee, Melanie Fernandez KJ4VCT @954-560-3706 with their permission and we will ask for prayers and emotional support for these hams.

I am remiss in mentioning that one of our newer members, Johnny Marino, N4QZB, lost his wife of many years, Lisa, to breast cancer over the Christmas holidays. Our hearts and condolences go out to Johnny who will be working with Ricky Eaton KD4HGR to get on the air soon. Kudos for improvement to our favorite HAMs Marty Falk KI4IQZ, and Barry Porter, KB1PA, who have been under the weather and fighting for good health on and off for some months. We pray that soon, your health issues will be resolved. We NEED you and you mean a lot to the ham hobby and the club.

God bless everyone always in all ways. 73, Melanie KJ4VCT 2-28-23

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