Hello GCARA! I hope that everyone is doing well this month!

If you want to DX, remember the club HF station is getting the spotlight. For those of you who have no radio or antenna but own a computer, it is perfect. I speak from experience. I use it every chance I get when not caring for my mother in law and it is very exciting to call and make contacts or even just to listen to others talking from all over. It had been my dream to DX for a long time and FINALLY, thanks to the generosity of the club, I get to do it. I have been studying for the Extra exam for many months on and off and I find that actually broadcasting on the air has stimulated my interest in the study and passing of the test and is leading to a better understanding of the propagation material I had been reading about. Thanks to Joe McGee NX4T, Rick Eaton KD4HGR, and Al Flapan AF4FA for helping maintain the radio station for those of us who are in need of such a help. I appreciate not only the radio usage but the education that has gone into performing the feat of communication.

I would like to encourage those who do DX, to continue to sharpen your skills through contesting as well as checking into nets available. One example of a net I like is SARNET on 14.265.000 on 20 Meters, Monday through Saturday 10:00 am to 11:00 am EST. You can get the weather report from all over the US by hams reporting in and it is quite interesting to listen to. It beats the Weather Channel, in my opinion. LOL.

Please remember that we are going to vote for the Executive Board in November on Zoom. Most of the club that attended meetings regularly on a monthly basis, have continued to support us on Zoom, plus some others who cannot travel comfortably to the hospital now. I would encourage every paid up member to attend the November 24, 2020 ZOOM meeting and vote, if the slate is not accepted as it is presented. Running for office this 2021 term is:

I am so pleased to announce that thanks to Jesse Shannon, KJ4FKK, that we will be acquiring a club contribution of a Titan Gap Antenna which will provide the remote HF station to also be available on 80 Meters. Jesse has been so generous in this and other ways and the club is proud to recognize his contribution. We are in the planning stages but, hopefully, I can persuade him to present to us in November to start out our new Series called Meet the Ham. Jesse, like so many of our members comes to the meetings, supports us financially, and provides himself as a valuable member of the audience, but does not get known because he is one of our more silent members. He often gives me feedback on the Board efficiency by email, when we encounter snags of service and it is very important to me, as President, to field all feedback. That is the very essential way we improve and meet all members’ expectations. Thank you Jesse for your support.

I absolutely LOVE our membership who have risen to the support of the club. One of our frequent flyers is Dirk Basting, N4AN, who is always donating his old equipment to the club for donation purposes. I appreciate his pleasant suggestions and his generosity to the club in so many ways. He continually goes above and beyond for the benefit of others and it is so appreciated.

I also appreciate the constant service provided to the club by Eric Rodriguez,KF4LZA, Ricky Eaton, KD4HGR, and others that help maintain the repeaters, antennas and see to the betterment of our communication. The innovations and donated equipment is such a blessing to all of us.

Of course, our club would be nothing special if we did not have those of you who support us with your dues and attendance every month. I realize that many of us are getting on in years but every ham is appreciated as well as those of you married to our hams and who support them in their hobby. I want to ask you to keep the ideas coming and let us know how we are doing. The Board is here to serve you as best we can and it is certainly both an honor and a pleasure to do so. Thanks to everyone in GCARA and to those of you who give kindly of your speaking services like Kai Siwiak and Robert Molledo of the Miami Weather Bureau. We have almost interesting and loving group.

I would like to give a plug to ARES-RACES as well. Please consider joining the group with Jeff Stahl, K4BH and the lovely Carol Sjursen, KJ4AWB, who together, keep the Emergency Communication Services going for Broward County. It takes a lot of their personal time, skills and planning ability to cover the county in an emergency and this pair are phenomenal at it. There is a lot to learn there and your contribution as a volunteer is so greatly appreciated.

I wish you many happy thoughts and good energy, as well as good health as we traverse the months to come of COVID-19. Please stay safe, by wearing your mask, frequently clean surfaces and wash hands and keeping socially distant from one another. It is estimated by the CDC if everyone follows these simple rules, we could wipe out this contagion. God bless.

Melanie KJ4VCT

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