Thank you GCARA for being a wonderful group of people! I am so proud of you and your contributions to radio this winter at the Winter Field Day in Quiet Waters Park in 2020.

We started the year off with a successful bang, so to speak and there are many of you to thank. I am starting off with publishing the list of attendees, all of whom contributed in some way and made the day a success!

Erik Olmer W4EJO, Jeff Stahl K4BH, David Crane K4RU, Dan Vasilca AI4WW, Martin Caminos KI4DK, Richard Trowell Wd4FCJ, Joe McGee Nx4T, Jerry Deitch W4LST, Chuck Gress K3NXH, Howard Alexander KM4TMW, Carol Sjursen KJ4AWB, Charlie Artner KN4VDW, Henry Garcia KC3DEX, Mickey Baker , Jeff Beals WA4AW, Stephen Martin W4NQR, Roy Neiman KJ4EGN and his wife VIcki, Scott Taylor K4RZR and his wife Stef, Allan Karden KJ4SWF, Martin Falk KI4IQZ and his wife Edna, Hope Smith WB3ANE, Tony Becker N4AEB, Half Moon AJ4JG, Michael Wolf K2HXC, Kenny Hollenbeck KE4NC , Mike Sams, Sally Hollenbeck KD4ZFW, David Warner KB4ICU, and yours truly, Melanie Fernandez KJ4VCT. There were many drop ins asking questions but we missed the opportunity to get their IDs, sorry to say.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the movers and shakers, the worker bees that make us all successful, whether you manned a radio, help set up and break down or came to socialize with each other, it was truly appreciated.

 At the meeting, I was told there were only 28 people who came but I saw that a few of you were not on the check in sheet so I feel there may have been many more whose names we missed. My apologies.

We tried something different this year, in that we used vehicles to operate from since we only had the Bald Eagle Pavilion for Saturday and we wanted to operate for two full days. Joe McGee NX4T, Chuck Gress K3NXH and Dan Vasilca AI4WW, planned to operate at a remote site from the pavilion and used vans to set up their equipment in. It provided comfort for the varying 55 to 70 degree temps we had day to night. The hams were able to keep operating all night and in the day with ease. It is a shame if you missed it because the weather was truly beautiful with blue skies and only traces of wispy clouds. No rain, no flies or mosquitos,  nor other pests were evident. It was really a delightful time.

Although the weather may be a little warmer in the summer, please consider  coming out and visiting or eating or operating with us. We don’t like to leave you all at home!!!!

Melanie Fernandez KJ4VCT

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