Greetings friends, hams and visitors.

I am taking this opportunity to extend gratitude for those who participated and executed a very successful Winter Field Day. AS I call out your name and task performed, please stand and stay standing to the end of the reading.

Joe McGee NX4T, our master planner for this event, did a great job of working with plans that changed during conception to end and his committee of Jeff Stahl, Dan Vasilca , Ricky Eaton, Chuck Gress were on cue for everything. Gentlemen, please stand for recognition.
Chuck handled satellites and all modes, Joe handled CW and all modes, Dan handled CW and general Troubleshooting, Ricky did a fantastic job of coordinating Digital Communications, despite being with fever and very ill throughout the whole event. Talk about a person with perseverance!

Thanks to Carol Sjursen, who came early to the park to help set up and streamline our serving line and assorted condiments. She helped our Chef de jour, Stephen Martin and our sous chef, Gerry Deitch prepare our food and get it to the serving table nice and hot! A special note of thanks to Gerry also for doing all the heavy lifting and accompanying me to Sam’s Club for shopping. He witnessed part of what goes into meal planning as well as preparation. He also crafted a tasty Kielbasi and Rice dish that we enjoyed eating. I appreciate all three of you so much. Thank you!

Thanks to Henry Garcia from Weston and Martin Caminos who came from Miami to attend, for their help with operations and set up at the park. Fantastic effort gentlemen!

Thanks to Erik Olmer who did a fantastic job as secretary keeping track of funds and providing a food break down with his receipt system and sign up sheet. He did a marvelous job collecting and reporting the necessary data to the Board.

As Always, thanks to our special FD Ambassador, David Crane, who came early, stayed a long time and finished up with us for the breaking down of equipment as our Safety Officer. Event after event, we have come to depend on this gentleman for help and it is so appreciated by me and the rest of the planners. He deserves a kiss!

We would not be anywhere without Kenny Hollenbeck and his wife Salley who always shows up early and sets up the grill and antennas and fills in with all the needs for feeding and operating that we have as a club. He is a cheerleader on top of that and a wealth of information. This bright man volunteers to do a lot for amateur radio and he never expects anything in return. He is requesting volunteers for the Traffic Net and for our future events. I am a fan of his personally and commend him for his generosity.

Many thanks to Mike Sams who appeared on Sunday at the park and helped trouble shoot some touchy issues we were having with PSK.

Last but not least, a hearty thanks to Mike Spivak of Mike’s Electronics for his generosity of time, and advice to me for a smoother running club. He always has time for me to ask questions, helps us store our equipment for food handling and is a big asset in providing us with good suggestions for raffle prizes for the HAM. Thank you so much, Mike for all that you do, noticed and unnoticed for our community. You are indeed a blessing to all of us and have been throughout your tenure as a member.

Thanks to everyone who came to support us, the Palmetto Ama. Radio Club, Marty Falk, Richard Trowell and Howard and Edna as well as all those faces I saw but did not mention like Roy, Vicki and Hope , Al Mandel, Tony Becker, Jeff Beals, Mickey Baker and a few others I recognized but am not familiar with their names.

I believe this was another successful endeavor by the club and we did it differently so it counts double in my book. A good Ham is a resourceful Ham and we sure have a lot of those in this club.
This is how many people it takes to through a Ham Bash!!!!!


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