CQ…..CQ…..CQ….Calling all GCARA hams.
This communique is to bring everyone up to date on recent changes on the Board. Effective July 25, 2023, our President Erik Olmer W4EJO, resigned from that job to pursue a great job opportunity in his personal life with his company. Since it includes a move to England, Erik has had to make many adjustments in his personal life to prepare for this new adventure. Although we are sad to see Erik move to England away from us, we are excited for his future growth in his company. He is a tremendous asset to anyone’s organization. Erik will be around a little longer to say his goodbyes to us and share his news. Congratulations, Erik.

Although Erik’s tenure with us was shorter than I had hoped, he managed to build a strong Board and teach us some new things. With his strong leadership, he accomplished pulling off our two biggest events of the year, our Field Days, and both were successful in many ways.

Going forward, Erik felt the best thing for the club was to re-install me as Interim President to lead us into the next year. With a minor move to Vice President in July with the thanks and blessings of Ricki Witte KJ4FSH who occupied that position, I was made privy to conversations going forward. I am acting President until we get our movements on the Board in writing. Ricki Witte KJ4FSH will be Director at large in my place as I resume her duties. I asked Joe McGee NX4T to act as Interim Vice President in Ricki’s stead until the end of the term and we will confirm that at our 8-22-23 ZOOM meeting with a vote of acclimation hopefully. I have asked Barry Porter KB1PA to be our nominating committee once again and he has graciously accepted.

I want to thank all the members who have supported us in 2023 for that continued support and ask that if there are any concerns, problems or questions, that they be directed to the Board post-haste. We all stand firm in our dedication to the club and feel we will have a positive ending of the year long activities.

We have designed a poll to take the pulse of the membership and it will be coming shortly. Please do fill out and return to us asap. It will help shape the future workings of the Board.

Meanwhile, we are busy mapping out the future of our ability to communicate with three counties in times of emergency. Our repeater Trustee, Ricky Eaton KD4HGR, is working with his cohort, Erik Rodriquez KF4LZA, and the rest of the Technical Team, to determine how to best accomplish this project. We have been wanting to create a larger footprint for the past 5 years but for one reason or another, have not determined best how to do this, cheaply and efficiently. I am positive it will be accomplished this year providing we suffer no further setbacks.

GCARA has long been an amiable group, with people who love to care for one another and to share knowledge. Let us continue in that vein, bringing new ideas to our adventure in radio and keeping some of the older traditions that have served us well. All comments are welcome and remember, we are all hams first and foremost, with volunteer hearts and sharp minds. Let us use our skill sets to build a better future for our hobby together.

Thank you for being a member!
Submitted by Melanie Fernandez KJ4VCT

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