Good morning, my fellow amateur radio enthusiasts! I am hoping with all of my heart that everyone is safe and sound and has what they need in this present challenge to our lives. I urge you to keep things in perspective and to keep calm in every situation. Slow down your driving if you are going out to forage for goods you need at the store. Be courteous to your fellow human being. If dealing with an upset person, just smile and let them get in front of you in line or  let then take the item that you both need and want. Remember, as you treat others, you are being blessed. We are not at war with one another, we are all in the same situation with the same needs and I feel strongly that the Almighty will supply those needs in His time.

This situation certainly puts everything in the proper perspective in life.  Remember that flashy new car you were dreaming about getting one month ago? Or the bigger home, or all of the tangible things you thought you needed to be happy in life. I will guess that those “needs” or “wants” no longer have any bearing on your desires now. Today, what we all want most is toilet paper, gloves, masks, and things we never gave a thought about in the past. SO, take this opportunity to think of how you want to conduct you lives now. Besides, surviving this viral epidemic, do you not also feel a twinge of compassion for others? I do. I feel more love for humanity than ever and my compassion and attempts at understanding the behavior of others is being met with great patience. My fellow man is at as much risk as I and it does not matter what we own but how we behave towards one another that matters.

I encourage you to continue being a good neighbor to all. Check on people by phone and take the opportunity to let them know they are cared about and thought about and that you feel pride  in having known them. If they have done something that particularly impacted your life in a positive way, thank them and show your appreciation. Above that generosity of spirit, BE GRATEFUL for your God given life and all of the bounty that we enjoy on a daily basis that others in the world have to struggle for. We have been so blessed for so long and this present circumstance certainly puts everything into proper perspective.

I would also hope that people stop identifying themselves as a Democrat or Republican in this Nation and become an average citizen, striving to make the country a better place for our progeny to live and grow up. Let the idea of shared community take root in your hearts because NO ONE CAN STAND alone. We all need each other now as much as ever. Mutual cooperation is tantamount to survival as a whole.

I would urge everyone to go directly to the CDC website for facts on the Corona virus and not listen to the media. I cannot understand why it is necessary to know of numbers of people being infected and those numbers who are critically ill and dying. What does that information DO for us? It cannot save us, it cannot comfort us, so what is behind knowing those statistics? I find they are useless info and have no bearing on me. Instead I will check on all of my friends and family personally and keep courage that “this too shall pass.”

If I have not been in touch with you yet, please know that I will be calling everyone in our club and offering an encouraging word and a prayer if that is what is needed by the recipient. I love you all and care for you all. I am so grateful that you have let me help share your lives. Take care and be well.

73 and 88’s,

Melanie KJ4VCT

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